One of our existing customers needed to incorporate their Softswitch into their overall billing and mediation solution. They were unsure as to how successful the new VoIP services were going to be and needed a cost-effective way of implementing the solution in order to minimize the risks involved in moving to the new technology. Lifecycle implemented the solution on a trial basis.

The customer initially only paid for the manpower to implement the solution; the new licence required for the new switch feed was to be paid for six months later if they decided to continue providing services. Suffice to say, the Softswitch introduction was a great success and the company are growing their market share in a difficult European market.


Ten years ago we looked for a software company that could provide us with a highly flexible and cost competitive billing platform. Lifecycle built a product around our specific requirements that has proved ideal for all our customers. They gave us what we needed at the time, good support since then and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

LCC Communications