Roam Like at Home Conquered

15 Jun 2017

Lifecycle confirmed today that it had completed a number of pricing and provisioning projects for retail MVNOs using their platforms to comply with the latest EU regulations covering the charges for roaming which came into effect today.

From the 15 June 2017 all EU roaming for EU mobile phone users must be charged as if the user were at “home”. This means all SMS, voice and data usage, when roaming in EU countries, should be priced at the same rates and using the same mechanism as if the user were in their home country. From today EU roaming usage comes out of home country bundles where they are applied and all out of bundle usage must be charged at the same rate as if the caller were in their home country (where that country is in the EU).

These changes only affect the user when they are roaming in an EU country. Calls made by a user from their home country to an alternative EU country can continue to be charged at international rates. Roaming outside of the EU can continue to be excluded from home country bundles and be charged at different rates.

"The projects were much more complex than many of our MVNOs initially realised", commented John Gerard, Projects Director. "There were some significant decisions to be made around whether to migrate existing used to new domestic tariffs or to allow all users to roam, what the impact would be to capped call automated workflows and there were numerous iterations about exactly which countries and territories each MVNO wanted to include."


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Marco Hagen
Agilis Concepts Ltd, Austria