Lifecycle Upgrades Ticketing System

17 Jun 2009
New Web-based Ticketing System in Action

In line with Lifecycle's commitment to partnership and collaboration with our clients, coupled to our Software as a Service (SaaS) vision, we have launched a new web based ticketing system. The new system gives all our clients the ability to create tickets in a number of ways, including email and online via a web interface. Once created, Ticket details can be viewed online to check progress or to add additional information.

Richard Turner, Lifecycle's Customer Operations Director, says "The customers' ability to create tickets online gives us visibility of customer requirements as soon as they are encountered and allows us to manage our priorities better to ensure critical issues are addressed in a timely manner. It also allows the team to pick up trends in requests that mean we can be more proactive in the way we address customer requests and evolve our systems."


Lifecycle's carrier strength provisioning, billing and customer service solutions have facilitated our channel partner model. Their collaborative, agile and thorough approach has been a key element in our success.

Head of IS and Process
Gamma Telecom Ltd.