Lifecycle Software's suite of products provides a tailored solution to suit any sized telecommunications operator.

The key to Lifecycle Software's solutions platform is that any component can be deployed on its own to supplement an expanding network or altogether as part of a complete solution. This ability for the customer to tailor the solution to meet their needs is what makes Lifecycle's solution platform unique & cost-effective.

Training & Support

As with any of Lifecycle's products and services, support is given to ensure that the individual products or the complete suite of products is implemented and maintained to achieve the cost and performance benefits that are core to our offering.

Lifecycle Software believes that educating the customer to get the most out of the solution is the best way of promoting the product. Lifecycle Software can provide training delivered either remotely or at your premises according to your specific requirements. Lifecycle also provides full software support in the unlikely event issues arise.



We have been looking for weeks for a billing-solution for our Telco-Business.