Lifecycle Software have been delivering hosted Telecommunication Billing solutions across the globe since 1995. These solutions include Fixed Line Carrier Platforms, Reseller Telephony Billing and MVNO / MVNE Solutions. We also provide reporting solutions to address all aspects of operational and financial CDR analysis. Our carrier-strength platforms and outsourced services have enabled telecommunications companies to:

  • Establish a quality billing function during start up,
  • Improve quality of service,
  • Introduce new products and services quickly and on time,
  • Focus on core business,
  • Address internal expertise resources,
  • Reduce the cost / risk of their existing billing solution.

Of course, the outsourcing company has to be able to demonstrate it has the breadth of skills, expertise and product range available to them if they are going to provide a quality service. Lifecycle's extensive experience gives us the ability to deliver any type of billing solution in a quality manner. Because we utilize our own industry leading software products, we can also deliver in a cost effective manner.

Our solutions include:

  • MVNO / MVNE Provisioning, Mediation and Billing
  • Outsourced CDR Collection direct from the switch
  • Outsourced CDR Mediation on Raw CDR or AMA data
  • Wholesale and Retail Billing
  • Interconnect Reconciliation
  • Data Mining
  • Operational Reporting and Alarm generation
  • Customer Web Access to CDR Data and Invoices

Please explore further to discover how outsourcing with Lifecycle can help increase your company's customer satisfaction and profitability.


We have been looking for weeks for a billing-solution for our Telco-Business.