Business Intelligence

powerful and flexible reporting tools to enhance the competitive edge of your business

the ALLinONE Business Intelligence module reporting platform transforms data from across the ALLinONE suite as well as third party sources, to create a single optimised database and front end tool, which can be used to efficiently deliver intelligence and insight on business performance. Business Intelligence enables clients to take control of building and customising their own analytical reports, meeting the reporting requirements of teams across the business, from operations to sales and finance.

the value

the power behind the ALLinOne Business Intelligence database is the complex transformation of data from disparate sources and the associated predefined cubing which effectively links and stores data appropriately for super-efficient retrieval. The ability to obtain intelligent reporting quickly is a key driver to enabling organisations to make timely, smarter business decisions.

automated loading of key data and a front end tool enable clients to self build queries, reducing time and cost to obtain new information

more timely information

scheduled and hierarchical reporting allows prompt and relevant information dissemination

enhanced organisational knowledge

provision of dashboard tools to create customised views of key information enables KPI reporting and other key metrics and exceptions

improved understanding

intelligent Extract, Transform and Load (ETL ) pre-links data to ensure only appropriate data is imported

improved accuracy

data used in reports can be collected and integrated with a variety of input sources including any ALLinONE product, and external sources such as credit agency data

easy, seamless integration


deployment options

ALLinONE Business Intelligence is an optional module within the ALLinONE suite which can be deployed alongside other key ALLinONE components.

as standard, SQL Server Reporting is provided as an interface for clients to create and view reports. A wide range of tools can be used by clients to connect to the database to allow for in-situ tools to be used, without additional Lifecycle costs or training.

Lifecycle provide the ALLinONE product suite as a fully managed, private cloud solution within UK data centres. The infrastructure is specifically designed and proven to support highly available, resilient and scalable environments, capable of processing over 1 billion chargeable events per month. A range of service support options are available to meet the needs of organisations, from new entrants to established providers.

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