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Find out more about Three's OCS success story

Download the Three Wholesale case study

When Three wanted to launch their MVNO, SMARTY, they wanted to deploy a dynamic, real-time online charging system. They also wanted the solution to be cloud-based to allow them to expand into the wider MVNO market by allowing wholesale partners to easily adopt the new solution. To achieve this they knew they would need an experienced partner with a successful OCS solution that could be easily integrated into the existing Three network. 

The challenges

Create real-time, OCS billing mechanisms through Lifecycle's ALLinONE platform. 
Design the solution and its various components in line with Three Wholesale and SMARTY.
To provide Three Wholesale with a hosted OCS platform with open technology and APIs, and an end to end solution to support MVNOs to develop their own mobile applications and propositions.
Allow the whole process to be automated.

Download the full case study

By working with the team at Lifecycle they were able to deliver an OCS to SMARTY customers within six months, successfully launching the MVNO for THREE and offering an end to end solution for future MVNOs. To find out how download the full case study