we aim to be a partner, not just a supplier

Lifecycle is a global OCS (Online Charging System), billing and BSS (Business Support System) solution provider for network operators, MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators), IoT providers and a wide range of partners. Lifecycle’s software enables mobile telecoms and subscription-based businesses to thrive in the connected world of 5G, from digital transformation and monetisation of new services, to automation of business operations and integration with existing infrastructure.

Keeping our software future-ready by design is our focus, helping our clients maintain a competitive edge and priming them for sustained incremental growth. We introduce new value added ideas to the platform and keep our software updated to ensure compliance with changing regulations, technological developments and evolving business needs. We are open about our product roadmap, keeping our clients informed, inspired and involved.

Our clients benefit from improved cost efficiency, cost containment and sales performance as well as enhancing brand engagement to drive a more connected, consistent and profitable business model.

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our history

Lifecycle has been delivering leading edge billing and BSS solutions since 1995.

In 2020, Lifecycle became a Lumine Group company. Lumine’s focus is on the acquisition, strengthening and growth of vertical market software companies that have a proven track record and exhibit excellent growth potential. Lumine Group do not sell their acquisitions; instead, they invest in their long-term growth and development.

Already within the first year, Lifecycle won a huge investment into its OCS platform, to elevate it into a true SaaS platform. Lumine Group is a Portfolio of Volaris Group, a Subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. in Toronto, Canada and is listed on the TSE with revenues in excess of 3 billion USD.  Constellation Software has offices In Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and Africa, with over 15,000 employees across six operating groups, one of which is Volaris Group.

our team

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Mo Firouzabadian

Chief Executive Officer

Mo Firouzabadian is Chief Executive Officer of Lifecycle Software. Mo is an innovative leader with deep experience, spanning 20 years, in the telecom and enterprise software industries. Prior to joining Lifecycle, Mo served as SVP for Developed Markets at Evolving Systems, an industry leader in Customer Value Management and Loyalty. Mo joined Evolving as a result of the acquisition of Lumata where he was the co-CEO, responsible for revenue, client relationships and finance. Mo has led iconic strategic projects with key clients across retail, media, telecommunications and device manufacturers. 

Kelvin headshot

Kelvin Chaffer

Chief Operating Officer

Kelvin Chaffer is the Chief Operating Officer at Lifecycle Software. With a software engineering background and an ever-growing passion for technology, Kelvin is known for driving growth and innovation in the product portfolio. He has worked at Lifecycle for 20 years using his positive attitude and tireless energy to inspire everyone. In his spare time, he runs ultra marathons.

Shane headshot

Shane Lychlander

Sales Director

Shane is the Sales Director of Lifecycle Software. His career spans over twenty years in technology sales with a real passion for innovative technology that solves customers critical problems, turning technology differentiation into new business. He uses his strong commercial focus and consultative engagement to forge and nurture long term customer partnerships.

Catarina photo

Catarina Alves

Marketing Director

Catarina Alves is Lifecycle's Marketing Director, responsible for key strategic programs to support the growth of the company and its business objectives. With a strong history of combining lead generation strategies with value-added content, she leads marketing with a digital-first approach. Catarina has previously worked at Lifecycle's sister company, Collab, where she developed a deep understanding of the value of customer-centricity and personalisation to deliver better experiences.

Liz headshot

Liz Parry

Professional Services Director

Liz is our Director of Professional Services. She joined Lifecycle in 2015 and has a background in revenue assurance and customer excellence. Liz has championed projects with our partners that have helped give them competitive advantages in the telco industry.  

gael headshot

Gael Martin

Technical Director

Gael has over 20 years of experience in telecoms ranging from space industry to mobile operators. With an engineering and computing background he is responsible for the technological strategy and architecture of our solutions. He has a pragmatic approach and is always on the lookout for new technology.

Jeff B&W-1

Jeff Power

Maintenance and Support Director

Jeff is our Maintenance & Support Director and works with our Managed Services Team who look after all of our customers. He has been with the company since 2014 and has 25 years of experience in telecoms across a variety of roles, from Contact Centre Management, Project Management, Quality Assurance and Customer Support. He loves all things football and spends a lot of his free time supporting his boys on their football journey.

Ross Headshot S

Ross Devereux

R&D Director

Ross is our R&D director and is responsible for driving the core product development and innovation within the R&D team. Joining Lifecycle back in 2006, he has worked across Lifecycles core platforms, utilising many different technologies. In his spare time he enjoys coaching his sons football team and running.

Emilia photo

Emilia Niedzwiedz

Finance Director

Emilia is the Finance Director of Lifecycle Software. She oversees financial data management including reporting, strategic planning, rolling forecast, resource allocation, budgeting among others. Emilia is a highly analytical professional with a taste for financial strategies that support growth. In her free time, she watches documentaries. 

our values

family and friendship first

The values of Family and Friendship are at the heart of all we do at Lifecycle. We celebrate together the successes on our journey.

Trust, integrity and togetherness are part of every family and friendship. Nothing matters more

we are fuelled by data and innovation 

We use insights every day to make tactical and strategic decisions, drive growth and improve efficiency and quality.
We look to innovate in everything we do as we continuously improve. We take pride in looking at problems from different angles and encourage all our team to innovate, no matter their role or seniority. 

we aim to be more than a supplier 

We look to form long-term partnerships built on a fair relationship. We walk in our customer's shoes every day. Doing so, we endeavour to provide the best experience we can, exceeding expectations wherever possible.

we believe in accountability  

Our business thrives on empowerment and responsibility. We foster accountability not only to ourselves, but also to our customers and fellow colleagues. 

We cherish autonomy, deliver on our commitments and learn from our mistakes. 

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