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How Lifecycle helped ONOFF revolutionise mobile in a multi-country environment

Providing unlimited phone numbers on a single device

ONOFFAPP OÜ wanted to develop a free mobile app which would enable subscribers to add multiple numbers to any regular SIM card, on any Android or iOS smartphone, instantly. Their aim was to offer app users the ability to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to as many numbers as they wanted, at any time, for a one-off price, across a multi-country environment. They also wanted to create innovative Voice/SMS bundles and packages.

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ONOFFAPP OÜ were looking for an experienced partner to help them onward develop their innovative proposition to provide a realtime pre-pay online charging solution, in very fast timescales. With ALLinONE OCS from Lifecycle, they were able to create and launch their unique app in less than three months.

The challenges

To enable expansion of the onoff app across multiple countries and offer international destination calls with a pre-pay business model.
To provide a realtime billing solution across multiple countries, enabling a business model based on revenue share.
To develop and configure real-time OCS functionality to support new onoff bundle definitions.

Why Lifecycle

ONOFFAPP OÜ were looking for a pragmatic, agile and innovative partner to deliver a real-time billing solution using a simple and flexible API that would support their onoff App in multiple countries in a short timescale.

They chose Lifecycle as they had an industry-leading, real-time OCS billing engine and associated APIs that were configurable enough to deliver their requirements. They were confident that Lifecycle’s specialist project management and technical support would develop their new customer proposition fast, and were impressed by Lifecycle’s adaptable approach, which would support future business growth.

The journey

Lifecycle’s project specialists worked in partnership with ONOFFAPP OÜ to define and document the requirements of the real-time OCS integration with their onoff App, and they worked closely together on solution design and delivery.

Once defined and agreed, the multi-disciplinary development team and testers at Lifecycle started work whilst the expert Projects Team ensured the solution was delivered on time, and managed changes or additions throughout the project.

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“We liked the functionality and flexibility of Lifecycle’s real-time billing solution. The technical team understood exactly what we were after, and the solution was developed and released in just over 3 months, enabling us to meet business objectives and launch our innovative new revenue share model in very short timescales. It was a pleasure to work with Lifecycle!”

Maksim Solovjov CTO, ONOFFAPP OÜ

Meeting ONOFFAPP OÜ’s needs

With support from Lifecycle, ONOFFAPP OÜ created a new and unique customer app which enabled users to have multiple numbers from a single device, across multiple countries.

With this new onoff app, customers are no longer limited by the number of SIM card slots on the phone, and can easily manage different aspects of their life, from one place. Customers can have as many numbers as they like e.g. a burner number for their social life, a second work number, or a temporary number from another country.

The onoff app is much more than a multiple phone number app - it offers real, permanent, temporary or disposable mobile phone numbers in multiple countries, through the GSM network or internet connection. Lifecycle’s OCS solution enables ONOFFAPP OÜ to manage customer credits, balances and monitor usage.

With onoff credits, customers can control their spending and enjoy maximum flexibility from their numbers to call or text abroad at an affordable price, without having to subscribe to any particular plan.

The onoff App was developed and launched in less than three months and Lifecycle’s solution ensured that onoff could make this a commercial success.


The value

Lifecycle helped ONOFFAPP OÜ define the initial business requirements very quickly. They worked collaboratively to meet the API specification, without making it complicated, as well as making it easy to control bundle allocation and pricing.

The hosted, fully managed service offered by Lifecycle ensures that ONOFFAPP OÜ can confidently outsource the charging aspect of their innovative product.

Lifecycle’s ongoing support and agile change management is helping ONOFFAPP OÜ continue to adapt and grow their proposition to achieve success.

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