What is an MVNO?

Mobile Virtual Network Operator stands for MVNO. MVNOs, also known as virtual networks, are businesses that provide mobile services but do not own or run their own network infostructure. Instead, they make use of a mobile operator's network. For instance, there are four main mobile network providers in the UK, but each of them also serves as a host network for two or more MVNO sub-brand. In doing so MVNOs can enjoy the same coverage as their parent network without being burdened by the high overhead costs. These savings are typically passed on to the consumer, with MVNOs frequently offering more affordable mobile plans than their parent networks.

helping MVNOs disrupt and innovate

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are poised on the edge of massive growth with the advent of 5G mobile technology. This growth can be achieved through OCS, CCS and BSS solutions that help you manage changing business models and new revenue streams. The agility of our carrier-grade OCS and CCS solutions enable you to get on with disrupting the mobile market while improving customer acquisition, customer care and reporting. Successful customer experiences and the agility to develop new propositions, fast, are key.


how we work with MVNOs

Lifecycle works with partners to help build innovative new MVNOs from concept to launch, as well as launching MVNOs for established brands with existing customer bases and seamlessly integrating with their membership schemes. We have also helped established brands update their technology and migrate existing customers with minimal impact to end users.


benefits of our BSS solutions

With the help of our BSS solutions, you can easily automate billing and business processes to deliver a seamless end user experience and automate workflows to improve operational efficiency while reducing expenditure. 


Our flexible, agile solutions support a multitude of costing options and products, enabling the delivery of unique propositions, super-fast. In addition, end users are empowered to manage spend, while still protecting your revenue, while the functionality for self-care enables end users to self-serve and enhance customer experience. With all these benefits at your fingertips, you can easily monetise new technologies and capabilities to meet changing industry needs and regulations.

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Revenue Management

Telecom billing and revenue management is a process that revolves around communication services and managing remaining payments. This procedure involves collecting and managing information around various points such as data usage, managing customer payments, billing calculation, and charging information. To increase operational efficiency in the telecom industry, these solutions are heavily applied by telecommunication service providers.

related products

CCS solutions

Lifecycle's next generation 3GPP compliant CCS integrates with 5G networks and removes the barriers to online and offline charging, empowering you to monetise 5G.

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OCS solutions

Lifecycle’s dynamic Online Charging System delivers real-time charging and associated control to manage financial risk and support growth.

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customer management portal

The ALLinONE MultiOrder module provides holistic management of all customer interactions, empowering customer care agents to deliver customer service excellence.

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partner platform

The ALLinONE Provisioning Portal module delivers integration to network operators, allowing automated sim activation, suspension, termination, services, and porting.

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billing platform

The ALLinONE eWarehouse module is a flexible and feature rich platform, facilitating the billing of complex and disparate products across a wide range of usage and subscription based services.

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my account

Responsive, configurable self-care, the ALLinONE My Account module enables customers to quickly and easily access and manage their account.

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Customer success story

how Lifecycle helped Three launch real time billing for their partners

Establishing a cloud based OCS platform to simplify and expand access to the MVNO market.
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Three have an established and long term relationship with Lifecycle. They have been a significant partner throughout our growth journey offering a range of services and solutions that are used internally, with our MVNOs and their customers. I have always found Lifecycle to be enthusiastic with a “can do” attitude which is invaluable when working in an agile fashion to deliver rapidly for our MVNO partners.

Duncan Finlay, Head of Products and Marketing Three Wholesale

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