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Green and blue logo of an eSIM Solution from Lifecycle Software for telcos, MVNOs, Digital and communication services

Unlock the power of eSIM!

Our complete eSIM solution covers all components required for eSIM sales including offer Catalogue, optional Front End, Provisioning & Activation and optional CCS to charge & control usage

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We bridge imagination and connectivity

We have been breaking new ground in telecoms for nearly three decades, helping digital businesses to thrive and be as inventive as possible. Whatever the idea is, we use technology to make it happen.

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ALLinONE Billing


Powerful and versatile billing platform to handle the complex billing needs of agile telecoms.

Bill better, grow faster

Set up for success with flexible features to manage, rate and bill subscribers and business partners

ALLinONE Billing is a flexible Convergent Billing System that provides mediation of usage for any service and network, multi-play subscription management with event based and batch rating, discounting, and invoicing, including support for account hierarchy, resellers commissioning, large fleet, roaming and wholesales billing - all in one. This removes the complexity of managing several platforms, with more flexibility and ease of change, and reduces operational costs.

Monetise and Win

More growth, less hassles

It's time to crush the complexity. Meet a no-fuss billing platform to monetise beyond connectivity 

Unbreakable | With 99.99% availability, ISO certifications, Open APIs and a microservices cloud stack. Robust, resilient and secure

Boost B2B2X | Give your partners all they need to thrive with account hierarchies, settlements, commissioning and charging models

Excel in Revenue Assurance | boost profitability, revenues, and cash flows through accurate collection of revenue across operations


ALLinONE Billing Mockups Lifecycle Software

Your billing needs all in one place

Fixed Line  
And more!  
  • Payment Integration
  • Dunning and Debt
  • Interconnect Billing
  • Flex Bill Cycles
  • Invoicing

Seamless payment processing with a wide range of payment gateways and financial institutions. Fully automated payment recording and reconciliation processes.

  • Direct Debits
  • Sagepay
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • etc



Automated dunning and debt collection process

  • Send notices and reminders for customers with overdue bills
  • Generate info for third-party Debt Collectors
  • Pause and resume subscriptions and services accordingly

Handle interconnect billing, reconciliation, and settlement for inter-operator, wholesale, and MVNE with accurate charging and prompt settlement.

Anticipate interconnection and roaming costs, streamlining the reconciliation process. 

Relies on Ingress and Egress Data Feeds, along with supplier and partner costing rate cards.


Customise Bill Cycles per account, with options for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly, either on fix dates (i.e. same day each month) or on calendar periods.

You can also configure any bill run to be operated On-demand

multi-currency and multi-lingual invoicing

  • Generate invoices in various languages in any currency using multiple templates 
  • Templates can incorporate distinct logos and company information for white label billing such as OpCos, MVNOs and sub brands
  • Send PDF invoices automatically via email and make them available in the self care app
  • Consolidate charges from multiple services and products.
Infinite business propositions
Extra flexibility to support a multitude of costing options. Various pricing models for rate cards, including flat rates, tiered pricing, volume-based pricing, and time-based discount
Optimised operational costs

Converge all your needs in one platform. With a combination of workflow automation and managed services, providers are freed from onerous administration, saving valuable resources and minimising costs.

Easy global billing
Supports multi-tax, multi-currency, making it easy to manage billing around the world. Multi Tenanted.
SMARTY Mobile success story fist
“Lifecycle have a proven flexible platform with outstanding stability metrics and a highly technical team allowing customers to concentrate on building out their customer facing capabilities”
Ray LynnThree UK

flexible and feature rich

Download a PDF version of the complete All In One Billing Platform product sheet to share and read offline.

Product features

Usage billing

Products can be created and configured with single, multiple or recurring subscription fees in advance or in arrears. 

Account credit management

Supports hierarchical accounts and configuration to enable accounts remain within a pre-defined credit limit.

Bundles and discount options

Provides ultimate flexibility for bundle allowance definition and discount options.

Automated workflow triggers

Supports the configuration of workflow triggers to control services, raise alarms or deliver notifications.

Multi-tax, multi-currency

Makes global billing easy with support for multi tax, multi country and multi-currency options.

Invoice generation

Offers a wide range of invoicing options, branded for your business.

and much more

Open the product sheet to explore all capabilities >>

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The ALLinONE Billing can be deployed within a full BSS suite to deliver an end-to-end business support system for clients or with a subset of the BSS modules to meet the needs of a business.

Related products

Lifecycle's BSS is designed as a modular solution, making it flexible enough to suit any communication service provider (CSP) or digital service provider (DSP) requiring business process support. The modules below can be deployed separately or in multiple combinations to enhance and automate operational processes depending on your specific requirements.

CCS - Real Time Charging

Lifecycle’s CCS platform is 3GPP compliant, highly available and resilient with real-time rating and service control. It provides the essential Charging Function of a 5GC network for both online and offline services
Revenue Management
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CRM MultiOrder

Provides holistic management of all  interactions with a clear view of the customer journey, empowering customer care agents to deliver customer service excellence 
Customer Experience
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My Account Self Care

Responsive, configurable self-care, the My Account module enables customers to quickly and easily access and manage their account.
Customer Experience

Event Intelligence

Event Intelligence uses AI to capture network events and orchestrate processes, manage fraud and use real-time triggers to deliver contextual campaigns.

Data Monetisation
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Business Intelligence Module

Business Intelligence is a powerful and flexible reporting module that enhances the competitive edge of your business.
Data Monetisation
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Provisioning & Switching

The Provisioning & Switching product delivers integration to network operators, allowing automated SIM activation, suspension, termination, services, porting and more.
Revenue Management
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ALLinONE Billing

Flexible and feature rich platform, facilitating the billing of complex and disparate products across a wide range of usage and subscription based services.
Revenue Management
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Contact Center & Bots

Provide customer service agents with a full toolkit to directly support customer queries in real time from a single web interface.
Customer Experience
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Content Management System

Create stunning, functional websites with automated onboarding to boost acquisition. White-labelled interface adaptable to your needs.
Customer Experience

BSS Solution

Lifecycle’s BSS is a comprehensive suite of modules that support the end-to-end, back office operations of wholesale and retail telecoms providers and other subscription-based service enablers.
Revenue Management
Customer Experience
Data Monetisation
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