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How Lifecycle helped Plusnet launch a mobile service

Delivering great value and high quality customer service

Plusnet offers residential and business customers a range of products including broadband internet, landline telephone, Plusnet TV and most recently, Plusnet Mobile. The Plusnet brand represents high quality services at competitive prices, as well as a commitment to providing a first-rate customer experience. Lifecycle has worked as a trusted partner of Plusnet since 2016, playing a critical role in the launch of Plusnet Mobile, delivering bespoke provisioning, billing, CRM, customer care and reporting solutions.

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Plusnet acquired the MVNO LIFE Mobile in 2016. They knew that to achieve success in the mobile market, they would need to have a partner that would enable them to proactively launch market propositions quickly, and facilitate innovation in response to regulatory change, market opportunities or operational demands. Scalability of the solution was also important because Plusnet aspired to grow quickly, and any partner would need to be able to support them on that journey. Lifecycle had already worked in partnership with the high street retailer Phones4U on LIFE Mobile, from MVNO conception to launch, defining, specifying and developing the service from the ALLinONE platform.

The challenges

With a proven track record in delivering secure, scalable provisioning, billing, CRM, customer care and reporting solutions, Plusnet chose to partner with Lifecycle to host, support and onward customise the software solution for the Plusnet Mobile proposition.
Prior to launch, all aspects of the LIFE Mobile solution had to be re-branded with the Plusnet brand.
In addition new functionality to deliver on the brand ethos of providing a high value customer experience had to be rolled out.
The target launch date for the new Plusnet Mobile service was pre-Christmas 2016 and all the required changes had to be achieved in just a few months.

“Lifecycle has been on quite a journey with us. We took over the LIFE Mobile business in 2016 and our first job was to re-brand all aspects of the solution to support the Plusnet brand and USPs. This was a significant project with tight timescales, but Lifecycle’s support helped us ensure we met the critical pre-Christmas launch deadline.”

Chris Cotterill, Head of Marketing, Plusnet

Why Lifecycle

Plusnet are passionate about offering great value, versatile mobile propositions, enhanced by excellent customer service. They wanted a trusted and experienced partner who could onward develop the LIFE Mobile solution and deliver their new mobile proposition, fast.

Lifecycle had already proven their ability to think smart, work fast and deliver secure, reliable provisioning, billing, CRM, customer care and reporting solutions for LIFE Mobile.

Plusnet were impressed with Lifecycle’s innovative and industry-leading software, secure hosting solutions and specialist project management and technical support. They were convinced that Lifecycle would be the right partner to deliver their new and rebranded mobile proposition within the required timescales; Lifecycle’s flexible and modular approach to working would support Plusnet Mobile’s future business growth, whilst ensuring compliance with changing industry regulations.

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Since launch Plusnet Mobile has gone from strength to strength and our growth has been incredible. The stability and levels of automation the Lifecycle ALLinONE system provides, is instrumental in enabling us to optimise operational costs whilst delivering customer excellence.

Scott Greenhalgh Head of Mobile Technology Strategy, Plusnet

The journey

As part of the launch and to help enhance the customer experience, Lifecycle delivered technical innovation that improved customer ‘on-boarding.’ A fully automated no touch “text to port” solution simplified an historically manual process. A proactive NPS solution enabled Plusnet to collect and act on feedback from customers recently completing the on-boarding journey. In the two years since launch, Lifecycle have delivered a wide range of new functionality to support Plusnet Mobile, and day to day have continued to offer a stable and secure solution which has scaled in response to growth.

Key enhancements have included integration with a brand new ‘self-care’ web app, allowing customers easy access to Plusnet on the go, anytime, anywhere. The app makes it easy for customers to check their bills, view used data, manage spend limits and access in-app help whenever, and wherever, they need it.

Plusnet were market leaders in introducing their new SmartCap feature, built by Lifecycle, to avoid customer “bill shock” well in advance of the new Mobile Bill Limits regulations, introduced in October 2018. This functionality, with intelligent workflows, allowed customers to set their own cap. The platform calculates spend limits, auto-suspends and restarts services, whilst keeping customers up-to-date with SMS and email notifications.

Additional regulatory changes have included ‘Roam Like at Home’ to reduce the cost of mobile usage whilst in the EU, and enhanced GDPR features.

businessman working with digital tablet computer and smart phone with digital business strategy layer effect on wooden desk as concept

“I just wanted to express my thanks for the flexible and can-do response to all of the changes we’ve needed to make to realise the successful completion of RLAH. We really appreciate the extra work you had to put in to react to the changing solution and impending deadlines.”

Adam Low CIO, Plusnet

The value

Lifecycle’s systems provide a robust, scalable and innovative MVNO back office solution which supports Plusnet Mobile’s ongoing success. The scalable, hosted infrastructure allows ongoing future growth.

Stability and high levels of process automation allow Plusnet to minimise operational costs whilst delivering customer excellence.

Being highly innovative in the ‘bill cap’ area meant that Plusnet already had the functionality to meet the new Mobile Bill Limits regulations in October 2018.

Technological innovation including Roam Like at Home functionality and GDPR changes, helped re-enforce Plusnet’s identity as a company that delivers high quality services at a competitive price, great customer experience and a fast-paced, friendly brand.

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