supporting the growth of M2M and IoT

Machine to machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) are revolutionising the modern world, both for businesses and consumers alike. IoT networks, platforms and devices all present an innovative model to monetise data consumption, storage and other cloud based services.


how we work with IoT providers

We provide business enabling products to give multiple resellers and sub-resellers access to IoT services through a mobile network or partner network. A robust OCS with powerful BSS modules allows you to bill sub resellers for usage in real-time, without any financial risk of end-users consuming more than their allowance. The OCS can easily be switched to the CCS when you are ready to integrate with 5G networks.


our OCS, CCS and BSS solutions

Lifecycle’s ALLinONE couples OCS/CCS and BSS software modules to allow resellers and sub resellers the ability to manage and assign SIM inventories, with network enablement and real-time call control in both prepaid and post-paid  environments, all cloud based.


Lifecycle’s futureproof software-as-a-service (SaaS) modules make it easy to rate millions of devices, monetise new business models in days, bill on behalf of all service providers and enable automated, zero-touch self-care end user features.

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related products

OCS solutions

Lifecycle’s dynamic Online Charging System delivers real-time charging and associated control to manage financial risk and support growth.

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billing platform

The ALLinONE eWarehouse module is a flexible and feature rich platform, facilitating the billing of complex and disparate products across a wide range of usage and subscription based services.

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CCS solutions

Lifecycle's next generation 3GPP compliant CCS integrates with 5G networks and removes the barriers to online and offline charging, empowering you to monetise 5G.

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partner platform

The ALLinONE Provisioning Portal module delivers integration to network operators, allowing automated sim activation, suspension, termination, services, and porting.

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Customer success story

how Lifecycle helped Three launch real time billing for their partners

Establishing a cloud based OCS platform to simplify and expand access to the MVNO market.
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Three have an established and long term relationship with Lifecycle. They have been a significant partner throughout our growth journey offering a range of services and solutions that are used internally, with our MVNOs and their customers. I have always found Lifecycle to be enthusiastic with a “can do” attitude which is invaluable when working in an agile fashion to deliver rapidly for our MVNO partners.

Duncan Finlay, Head of Products and Marketing Three Wholesale

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