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EM360 Podcast: How Telcos Can Arm Themselves to be Competitive

Lifecycle CEO, Mo Firouzabadian, joined EM360 podcast to talk about how telecom companies can arm themselves to be competitive in the market. They covered B2C lessons for the B2B market, how to make the most out of communications data and how telcos can use these lessons to be more competitive.

You can hear the full podcast here.

  The telecom B2C market provides some lessons that can be applied to the B2B segment. 

Telecommunication companies have seen heavy shifts in the market over the last 5 years, exacerbated by Covid and the huge leaps in innovation that it brought about. 

Customer experience has been a big worry for companies in the last few years, especially following Covid where trends like the ‘great resignation’ and tech talent issues have had big impacts. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Editor Matt Harris speaks to Mo Firouzabadian, CEO at Lifecycle Software, about:

  • B2C lessons for the B2B market
  • Making the most out of communications data
  • How Telcos can arm themselves to be more competitive
  • Future trends for telcos
Listen to the full podcast here