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Lifecycle unveils its improved website


Same Lifecycle, a New Visual Identity for our Website  


10 February 2023, Newbury, United Kingdom


Lifecycle Software is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, www.lifecycle-software.com. Lifecycle has decided to redesign it to improve its usability, navigation and to update its content to mirror our positioning as an innovative growing tech company with a wealth of expertise in the telecommunications industry. Best practices in design and SEO were applied throughout to ensure responsiveness and fast loading speed. 


Kelvin Chaffer, CEO of Lifecycle, stated, "We are excited to present our brand-new website, which will provide our customers and new visitors with a smoother customer experience. The website was designed with the user in mind, and it is powered by best practices to ensure a fast, secure browsing experience. The content mirrors our “Crush the complexity” motto with straightforward messages and focus on the benefits we are able to provide. We are aware that it's challenging to navigate the jargon and intricacy of the telecom industry and I believe our approach is valuable for any MVNOs, MNOs or IoT providers looking to thrive in a competitive landscape" 


To summarize and provide a better understanding of what to expect, the website includes: 

  • Upgraded visual identity with an easy-to-use interface 
  • New categorization of products by functionalities to improve navigation 
  • Improved customer case studies and more use cases - discover potential outcomes 
  • New product assets to highlight product features via videos and images 
  • With chat bot and increased interactivity – chat, schedule a meeting or send us an email with a few clicks  


For more information, visit www.lifecycle-software.com or contact info@lifecycle-software.com