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Lifecycle SoftwareNov 26, 2020 12:45:00 PM< 1 min read

Massive infrastructure investment

In the last 2 months, we have completed the process of moving our secondary data centre to a new, highly modern tier 4 location, as part of the Lifecycle Software continual service improvement plan. The new site, located in Slough, is more secure and resilient and is better aligned to our professional requirements.

As well as investing in the move to our new tier 4 classified data centre, we have upgraded the core network components to the latest technology. The move from layer 3 Cisco 3560’s to AST routers has resulted in significant improvements in both the speed and performance of our core networks.

We now have two blades in place in our Reading and Slough data centres, improving TPS volumes, capacity for future growth and load testing capability. The second blade serves as a failover to the master blade in the case of upgrade or site outage.

All infrastructure enhancements are now complete and fully operational.


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