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Lifecycle Software Dec 1, 2020 12:43:49 PM < 1 min read

New ALLinONE Multiorder features

We are delighted to announce some exciting new features in our ALLinONE MultiOrder module:  

• Tags: The ability to tag a customer via automated means, or a customer care agent. This enables you to automatically categorise subscribers to deliver bespoke, specific customer care or offers based on certain qualities. Deliver relevant notifications and offers to customers with similar tags. Use tags to define types of customers to deliver a more personalised support, service or any special requirements.

• DPA Auditing: Makes DPA checks mandatory and records answers for auditing purposes. This improves compliance with privacy rules and removes possibility of bias, unfair treatment and privacy breaches. It improves transparency and reduces the risk of improper use of the CRM, or misuse of agent time.

• Agent Prompter: Pop ups prompt the agent for any missing info on the account e.g. missing nominee and marketing preferences, improving the quality of the customer database and CRM effectiveness. The automated prompt makes it easy to keep end user information up to date as part of an agent’s workflow, rather than incurring an additional admin overhead.