Webinar - Creating a winning multi-brand strategy with Digital BSS


The multi-brand strategy is a powerful approach to capitalise on market segmentation and monetise networks. It allows reaching more users and underpins the main brand’s growth, opening new revenue channels. 

SMARTY Mobile, launched by Three, is one of the most successful telecom sub-brands in the United Kingdom. In this webinar, they join Lifecycle Software to lift the veil on the ingredients for a successful multi-brand strategy. The event is free and open to everybody on the registration page.

Join Lifecycle Software CEO, Mo Firouzabadian and SMARTY Mobile General Manager, Elin Mclean to uncover how mobile operators can create a winning multi-brand strategy. Scott Bicheno, Editorial Director at Telecoms.com, will guide the conversation.

Key topics include:

  • Multi-brand strategy
  • The secret of a successful Sub-brand 
  • Differentiated positioning strategies 
  • Lessons learnt and future opportunities

Event: How mobile operators can create a winning multi-brand strategy
When: 9th June 2022 @ 2pm GMT



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