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Our complete eSIM solution covers all components required for eSIM sales including offer Catalogue, optional Front End, Provisioning & Activation and optional CCS to charge & control usage

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We have been breaking new ground in telecoms for nearly three decades, helping digital businesses to thrive and be as inventive as possible. Whatever the idea is, we use technology to make it happen.

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Lifecycle Software unveils AI features and OpenAPIs on NEXUS®

Lifecycle Software, a BSS and real-time charging provider, today announced that it will be unveiling new AI features and Open APIs for its NEXUS® MVNE Platform at the TM Forum’s DTW24 – Ignite global summit. Since its launch in February 2024, NEXUS has been facilitating the rapid launch and operation of neo telcos and MVNOs, already serving thousands of users across the United Kingdom. 
Lifecycle unveils AI features

Key highlights of the new features include:
•    Next Best Offer: powered by Artificial Intelligence, this feature allows MVNOs to engage contextually based on various factors such as the customer's demographics, special occasions, tenure, time of the year, churn probability and other specific information on each customer profile. This allows for hyper personalised and tailored experiences, enhancing customer engagement and boosting conversion rates.
•    AI-powered CRM insights: Embedded AI copilots within the CRM platform streamline data retrieval and uncover customer trends, assisting service agents. These insights are displayed automatically, pinpointing relevant information and assigning a customer value score to provide deeper insights into behaviours and preferences.
•    Open APIS: With coverage of over 40 Open Digital Architecture (ODA) components and following the recent  Open APIs certifications of TMF620, Product Catalogue, and TMF622, Product Order Management, Lifecycle Software is progressing the certifications for Open APIS TMF641 and TMF652. 
These new features are grounded in Lifecycle Software’s ongoing commitment to TM Forum's Open API standards. Since gaining Open API certifications, Lifecycle has enhanced its product capabilities, as well as aligning its development processes with global best practices that foster interoperability and efficiency. The TMF Open APIs are running on Microsoft Azure.
“NEXUS’ evolution reflects our ambition to crush the complexity and allow anyone to be an MVNO. We incorporate AI in the roadmap in a way that adds value, drives operational efficiencies and enhances experience. Features like the Next Best Offer, integrated into our Unified Product Catalogue, and AI Insights implemented in our CRM, exemplify how AI streamlines processes and improves customer experience,” explained Kelvin Chaffer, CEO at Lifecycle Software. “The forthcoming TM Forum certifications reflect our dedication to maintaining rigorous standards that benefit our customers and the broader telecom ecosystem. This alignment ensures that our AI-powered features and Open APIs continue to set benchmarks for innovation in the telecom industry.”
Lifecycle Software will be showcasing NEXUS and other solutions at TM Forum’s DTW24 – Ignite in  Copenhagen, taking place from June 18th – 20th.
“It’s extremely pleasing to see Lifecycle Software continuously drive innovation and operational excellence through the application of TM Forum’s Open API standards,” added Andy Tiller, EVP, Member Products & Services at TM Forum. “Its commitment to attaining Open API certifications exemplifies the power of industry collaboration to drive future growth, shorten time to value and accelerate the deployment of new services and products especially in the field of AI.”


NEXUS MVNE provides the necessary network integrations with a suite of built-in applications and automated workflows to enable neo telcos and MVNOs to go to market more quickly and cost effectively, operate with agility and offer excellent customer experience. Key differentiators are fast time to market, off the shelf front ends, multi tenancy and AI. The AI features are compliant with regulatory data privacy requirements since they rely on Azure OpenAI which doesn’t interact with any services operated by OpenAI. Leading operators utilise NEXUS to monetize network capacity and expand telecom wholesale reach. Launching their own MVNO allows businesses to diversify offerings, obtain a new revenue stream, and enhance retention strategies.

About Lifecycle Software

Lifecycle is a global OCS (Online Charging System), billing and BSS (Business Support System) solution provider for network operators, MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators), IoT providers and a wide range of partners. Lifecycle’s software enables mobile telecoms and subscription-based businesses to thrive in the connected world of 5G, from digital transformation and monetisation of new services to automation of business operations and integration with existing infrastructure.
Our focus is keeping our software future-ready by design, helping our clients maintain a competitive edge and priming them for sustained incremental growth. We introduce new value-added ideas to the platform and update our software to ensure compliance with changing regulations, technological developments and evolving business needs. We are open about our product roadmap, keeping our clients informed, inspired and involved.
Our clients benefit from improved cost efficiency, cost containment and sales performance, as well as enhancing brand engagement to drive a more connected, consistent and profitable business model.

About TM Forum

TM Forum is a global alliance of telco and tech companies, leading the industry in defining the building blocks for new operating models, impactful new partnerships, and advanced software platforms.
TM Forum helps its members unlock the value of data to create nearly endless opportunities for players across the communications ecosystem. At DTW Ignite, Accelerate and Collaboration events, TM Forum provides a platform for industry change-makers to share groundbreaking innovation, market developments, product launches and business transformation journeys.
It is the only industry body to count the world’s top 10 CSPs and all the key hyperscalers as active, strategic members. With over 800 members, TM Forum is on a mission to reinvent the telco industry as a vibrant part of the digital landscape – and a driving force in shaping its future.
To find out more, visit: tmforum.org