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Can anyone become a telecom brand?

One recurring question that we frequently encounter is: do I need to be a big brand to provide telecom services, or become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)? The resounding answer is NO – any entity, regardless of its industry, can launch a telecom brand. In this article, we will explore why and how anyone can create a telecom brand.


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In our interconnected world, the telecommunications sector assumes a fundamental role in facilitating seamless communication and connectivity across diverse industries. From healthcare to agriculture, organizations increasingly rely on telecom infrastructure and services to optimize their operations, drive efficiency, and deliver enhanced value to their customers. Notably, a critical factor in determining the viability of investing in a telecom brand lies in understanding your customer base. By leveraging existing customer structures, businesses can capitalise on a pre-established customer base to forge new revenue streams, effectively harnessing what they already possess and scaling it to greater heights.

Until recently, venturing into the realm of telecom branding entailed significant costs and adherence to specific regulations, deterring some entities from pursuing such endeavors. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive solution: NEXUS – MVNE Platform. This innovative multi-tenant platform provides a pathway for interested parties to navigate the complexities of telecom branding and allows anyone to launch and operate telecom operations effortlessly. But before delving into NEXUS, let us first delve into the opportunities and challenges that await.



  • Niche Markets

Identifying underserved or niche markets can provide a foothold for new telecom entrants. Whether catering to rural communities, vertical industries, or niche demographics, customization and targeted solutions can yield success.

  • Vertical Integration

Companies operating across multiple industries can leverage their expertise and infrastructure to offer comprehensive telecom services. This vertical integration allows for seamless integration of telecom into existing products and services, creating value-added offerings for customers.

  • Partnerships and Alliances

Collaboration with existing players, technology providers, or other stakeholders can mitigate some of the challenges associated with infrastructure and regulatory compliance. Strategic partnerships can also unlock access to new markets and customer segments.

  • Data-driven Insights

Telecom networks generate vast amounts of data that can be leveraged to gain insights into consumer behaviour, market trends, and operational performance. By harnessing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, companies can extract actionable intelligence to optimise decision-making and drive business growth.



  • Regulatory Compliance

Telecom is one of the most heavily regulated industries globally. Obtaining licenses, complying with consumer protection regulations, GDPR, and navigating local and international telecom laws demand expertise and patience.

  • Intense Competition

The telecom market is fiercely competitive, with existing players guarding their market share. New entrants must differentiate themselves through innovative services, pricing strategies, or superior customer experience.

Irrespective of industry verticals, whether fixed line and broadband operators, utility companies, fintech firms, or travel and tourism enterprises, there exists ample space for businesses to establish their presence in the telecom arena. By maximising revenue streams and achieving cost savings through strategic integrations, businesses can thrive in this dynamic sector. Lifecycle Software's NEXUS, a multi-tenanted MVNE platform, empowers businesses with a streamlined onboarding process, powerful automation and rapid deployment capabilities.


Real-world MVNO Success Stories

  • Superdrug: The retail giant has launched its mobile brand, capitalising on the existing customer base to create new revenue streams.
  • Revolut: A fintech disruptor introduced its eSIM offering, enabling seamless global connectivity without unexpected roaming charges.
  • Nord Security: The cybersecurity software company is pioneering a worldwide eSIM service, alongside its digital security services.
  • Wizz Air: An aviation industry leader introduced Travel eSIM, providing travelers with high-speed data roaming in over 160 countries.
  • Influencers: Ryan Reynolds is behind Mint Mobile, a successful MVNO in the US. Larissa Manoela, a Brazilian influencer, launched her own mobile brand.


While the barriers to entry in the telecom industry still exist, nowadays it's easy to launch an MVNO. While not every entity may aspire to become a telecom giant, there exists ample opportunity for innovative disruptors to carve their niche and leave a lasting imprint in this ever-evolving landscape. Can anyone become a telecom brand? Yes. With the right approach, service provider and platform, anyone can launch a mobile services brand.


Nexus - MVNE Platform