ALLinONE Telecom Billing Platform

This sophisticated, high capacity billing platform enables high volume billing of usage based, ad hoc, and subscription based services. With extensive functionality to support complex charging across multiple products, billing services can be delivered to a multitude of businesses, including Tier 1 Telecom Wholesalers, Switch Owners, MVNOs and OTT providers. The module also supports usage-based billing for IoT (Internet of Things), across a wide range of communications services.

infinite business propositions

The billing platform’s innate flexibility supports a multitude of costing options and products providing real competitive edge.

optimised operational costs

With a combination of workflow automation and Lifecycle’s managed services offering, providers are freed from onerous administration, saving valuable resources and minimising costs.

easy global billing

Supports multi-tax, multi-currency, making it easy to manage billing around the world.

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flexible and feature rich

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product features

usage billing

Products can be created and configured with single, multiple or recurring subscription fees in advance or in arrears. 

account credit management

Supports hierarchical accounts and configuration to enable accounts remain within a pre-defined credit limit.

bundles and discount options

Provides ultimate flexibility for bundle allowance definition and discount options.

automated workflow triggers

Supports the configuration of workflow triggers to control services, raise alarms or deliver notifications.

multi-tax, multi-currency

Makes global billing easy with support for multi tax and multi-currency options.

invoice generation

Offers a wide range of invoicing options, branded for your business.

The ALLinONE eWarehouse module can be deployed within the full ALLinONE BSS suite to deliver an end-to-end business support system for clients. Alternatively, it can be deployed alongside the ALLinONE Extract, Transform and Load (ETL software) module to provide a standalone post-pay billing platform or alongside the ALLinONE OCS to deliver real-time pre-pay services.

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related products

ALLinONE BSS is designed as a modular solution, making it flexible enough to suit any communication service provider (CSP) or digital service provider (DSP) requiring business process support. The individual modules below can be deployed separately or in multiple combinations to enhance and automate operational processes depending on your specific requirements.

OCS solution

Lifecycle’s dynamic Online Charging System delivers real-time charging and associated control to manage financial risk and support growth.

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customer management portal

The ALLinONE MultiOrder module provides holistic management of all customer interactions, empowering customer care agents to deliver customer service excellence.

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my account

Responsive, configurable self-care, the ALLinONE My Account module enables customers to quickly and easily access and manage their account.

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Integrated payment processing, seamlessly driving direct debit collections and direct credit payments.

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High capacity, automated, and auditable, the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) module supports timely and accurate data processing.

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business intelligence

ALLinONE Business Intelligence is a powerful and flexible reporting module that enhances the competitive edge of your business.

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partner platform

The ALLinONE Provisioning Portal module delivers integration to network operators, allowing automated SIM activation, suspension, termination, services, and porting.

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BSS solution

Lifecycle’s ALLinONE BSS is a comprehensive suite of modules that support the end-to-end, back office operations of wholesale and retail telecoms providers and other subscription-based service enablers.

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