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Our complete eSIM solution covers all components required for eSIM sales including offer Catalogue, optional Front End, Provisioning & Activation and optional CCS to charge & control usage

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We have been breaking new ground in telecoms for nearly three decades, helping digital businesses to thrive and be as inventive as possible. Whatever the idea is, we use technology to make it happen.

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2023 Year End Review

by Kelvin Chaffer, CEO

As we embark on a new year, I find myself compelled to join the tradition of year-end reviews. The end of 2023 also marks a personal milestone for me—it’s my first year as CEO. Leading Lifecycle has been nothing short of amazing, and I credit my exceptional team whose passion and hard work drive everything we do. Thank you. I also extend my gratitude to our customers, partners, and friends. You've been the wind beneath our wings, thank you for supporting our journey.
So, 2023. What a year it has been! Our product and brand have evolved massively, and I assure you, I'm not overstating. Let's dive into the highlights, starting with our roadmap innovations:

•    We launched the Unified Product Catalogue, a cloud-native hub that centralises all your telecom catalogue needs;
•    We developed an eSIM solution so any operator can provide connectivity out-of-the-box, swiftly;
•    Announced General Availability of Event Intelligence version 1.6, with functional improvements on Loyalty Mechanisms, Customer Preferences, Opt-ins, Customer Care and AI;
•    Improved user interfaces across all front ends, including MultiOrder CRM and Sales Portal;
•    Started working on Nexus MVNE Platform (stay tuned for this game changer);
•    Signed the TMForum Open API and ODA manifestos. We currently cover over 40 ODA components;
•    We also shook hands with Microsoft in a collaboration made to push innovation in the telecoms industry.

In total, our R&D team led 261 improvements and about 200 new features.
Our team has been able to progress our roadmap of innovation with a data-driven approach and automation throughout. More importantly, we ensure that our speed of change is always aligned with customer needs and doesn't impact ongoing operations. In 2023 we had 98 professional services projects and ensured stability, availability and performance across all stages.

To reflect our mission of empowering telecom brands to innovate fearlessly, we upgraded our brand in 2023. Our brand identity had a complete refresh with new logo, new website and new messages. The fresh brand identity encapsulates our success history and ambitious vision for the future. 

We believe that the future of telecoms is bright and support and shape its evolution. One way to do it is by contributing to industry research - we have supported analysts like STL and OMDIA by contributing to their studies in the areas of automation and 5G Real-Time Charging. 

Recognitions have followed our success. In 2023 alone, we were honoured as finalists for 9 awards. Additionally, we made our mark in industry media with 31 mentions, actively participating in discussions, providing commentary, and sharing insights on various telecom topics and news. Our involvement extends to industry events- we've attended 8 events, connecting with countless operators, MVNOs, and industry visionaries. These engagements reflect our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry conversations and building meaningful partnerships.

As we reflect on the past year, our commitment remains unwavering, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Let’s top up this amazing year. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to a transformative and innovative future in the world of telecom!


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Kelvin Chaffer

Lifecycle Software | CEO