introducing the ALLinONE MultiOrder module

Meet our CRM, designed to meet the needs of telecom companies. The ALLinONE MultiOrder module is a cloud based platform that enables customer care agents to support and manage all aspects of a customer on-boarding and in-life journey via a single application. They can fulfil customer requests for additional sales, update tariffs or product subscriptions as well as action queries or complaints.

Supporting the front-end screens used by agents the ALLinONE MultiOrder has feature rich workflow engines that integrate with a wide range of other Lifecycle modules and third party applications to deliver seamless provisioning with suppliers, and activation of services. The vast range of automation for onboarding, in-contract and end-of-contract activities enable businesses to optimise their operations and concentrate on sales and the delivery of great customer service.

drives efficiency

Automated workflows initiate, complete and record product provisioning by integrating with suppliers; optimising efficiency and reducing errors caused by manual intervention.

delivers standardisation

CRM workflows enable gold service standards for all orders to be achieved with proactive monitoring of exceptions and issues.

supports customer excellence

Customer Care Agents have access to all customer information within a single platform and are able to trigger a wide range of actions to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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holistic customer management

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key product features

supplier integration

Provisioning of multiple services across multiple suppliers is supported. Allows integration with a wide range of applications including sales portals, logistics, payments (credit and debit), credit checking, debt management, finance systems, mobile number porting, all bespoke to client specifications.

automated workflows

Standard and additional client-defined workflows are available for key interactions and to support USPs and business propositions. Workflows support new customer set-up, in-life management and terminations.

agent comments and tickets

Comments or tickets can be created by agents for all customer interactions and actions taken. The categorisation and status of tickets can be defined by client and helps agents manage and report on actions and issues.

web based UI

All users require is internet access and a current browser. White listed addresses required for access to add additional security, and unique user authentication ensures authorised access and auditability of all actions.

single account view

CRM with full account history available for agents to view. Ensures the capture of a complete audit trail of changes, by user type, as well as notifications, comments or tickets.

detailed reporting and business intelligence

Built-in reporting tools support day-to-day call centre operations, with additional reporting capabilities.

The ALLinONE MultiOrder can be deployed within a full ALLinONE BSS suite to deliver an end-to-end business support system for clients or with a subset of the ALLinONE modules to meet the needs of a business. Lifecycle provides the ALLinONE product suite as a fully managed, private cloud solution within UK data centres. The infrastructure is specifically designed and proven to support highly available, resilient and scalable environments, capable of processing billions of chargeable events per month.

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related products

ALLinONE BSS is designed as a modular solution, making it flexible enough to suit any communication service provider (CSP) or digital service provider (DSP) requiring business process support. The individual modules below can be deployed separately or in multiple combinations to enhance and automate operational processes depending on your specific requirements.

billing platform

The ALLinONE eWarehouse module is a flexible and feature rich platform, facilitating the billing of complex and disparate products across a wide range of usage and subscription based services.

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my account

Responsive, configurable self-care, the ALLinONE My Account module enables customers to quickly and easily access and manage their account.

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Integrated payment processing, seamlessly driving direct debit collections and direct credit payments.

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High capacity, automated, and auditable, the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) module supports timely and accurate data processing.

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business intelligence

ALLinONE Business Intelligence is a powerful and flexible reporting module that enhances the competitive edge of your business.

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partner platform

The ALLinONE Provisioning Portal module delivers integration to network operators, allowing automated SIM activation, suspension, termination, services, and porting.

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BSS solution

Lifecycle’s ALLinONE BSS is a comprehensive suite of modules that support the end-to-end, back office operations of wholesale and retail telecoms providers and other subscription-based service enablers.

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OCS solution

Lifecycle’s dynamic Online Charging System delivers real-time charging and associated control to manage financial risk and support growth.

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